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About Us Is Really About the Needs of Your Customers

Our business is all about giving your hotel property or hospitality venue the chance to do two things:

• Satisfy the needs of your guests and patrons to remain connected to the outside world
• Satisfy your need to give your customers the best service possible so that they’ll come back again and again—and tell their
    friends and associates to do the same.

Copia Communications has developed a business model that fills the needs of your guests and visitors to your hotel or hospitality outlet. To learn how you can start benefitting from Wi-Fi technology on your premises, contact us today.

Background: The Origins of Our Vision

On vacation in Jamaica in the 1990s, Darryl Wehmeyer was frustrated by not being able to connect to the Internet to access his e-mail. He couldn’t even use his calling card to place calls home. His only option was to use the expensive telephone service offered by his hotel. Darryl knew he was not alone in his frustration.

Backed by a long career in the telecommunications industry, Darryl saw the solution: Wi-Fi technology. Drawing on his knowledge of frame relay networks, commercial Internet systems, telephone systems, and long-distance services, he envisioned installing the exciting, then new Wi-Fi technology across Jamaica. To advance his business concept, Darryl moved to Jamaica in 2000, establishing a corporation to carry out his vision.

In 2001, Copia Communications was founded in Kingston, Jamaica. Currently, Copia serves a number of hotels across Jamaica with plans to expand throughout the Caribbean. The company is also an exclusive partner for the Caribbean for free-hotspot.com, a network of hotspots in hospitality venues around the world that provide free Wi-Fi Internet connections in return for advertising messages.

Strength: What We Do Best

Copia Communications has extensive experience in supplying Wi-Fi technology to hotels and other hospitality venues. It’s what we do best. At Copia, we know the industry, the market, and the conditions under which this wireless technology operates, particularly in the Caribbean.

Our Vision

The corporate vision of Copia Communications is built on partnering with other IT companies to expand Wi-Fi accessibility across the region. To be part of this vision, contact us today.