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Wi-Fi Advertising
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Wi-Fi Advertising

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Making Your Advertising Message Go Wireless Is the Equivalent of Having It Go Viral

Reaching your customers with your advertising message is more challenging than ever. Markets are more and more fragmented. Traditional means of advertising, such as television and magazines and newspapers, are giving way to Facebook and Google and Twitter. What’s an advertiser to do? Go wireless to reach your customers where they want to be reached: on the Internet.

Imagine the power of placing your message between your customers and their access to today’s most popular social media outlets. Copia Communications makes it happen with Wi-Fi Internet connections at venues across the Caribbean and around the world.

Background: The Concept of Wireless Advertising

Radio, TV, and the Internet are available with no usage charges. Free publications offering specialized information are available from stands everywhere. These forms of media are offered at no charge in exchange for users accepting the advertising contained with the message. That’s the premise behind free-hotspot.com, a service represented in the Caribbean by Copia Communications.

Advertising: Here’s How It Works If You’re a free-hotspot.com Venue

After Copia Communications installs a Free-hotspot.com Wi-Fi Internet connection in your venue, you can start advertising wirelessly to your customers.

• After your customers connect to your Wi-Fi connection and open a browser, a welcome or splash page appears. It gives them
   the option to pay for access to the Internet or to connect to the Internet for free in exchange for watching a short
• After a user views the advertisement, a landing page appears. It contains a section reserved for your advertising message.
• You can use that space for anything you want. Offering a special that day? Let your customers know about it. After all, they’re
   going to be staying around for awhile and are open to what you have to offer.

Advertising: Here’s How It Works If You’re a Free-hotspot.com Advertiser

• Working through Copia Communications and free-hotspot.com, you contract to air your message on the devices that connect
    to the Wi-Fi Internet connection at any of free-hotspot.com locations anywhere in the world. You choose which ones.
• The user connects to the Internet. A welcome or splash page appears with various options, including an offer to pay for access
    to the Internet or to connect to the Internet for free in exchange for watching your ad.
• The user then agrees to watch your ad in exchange for free access to the Internet. If the ad is in a video format, the user must
    watch it to the end. If the ad is in a graphic format, the user must view it for a designated time.
• After viewing your ad, the user is directed to free use of the Internet for a specified period of time.

Advertising: Here’s How Easy It Is to Get Started

People seek out free hotspots to gain free access to the Internet. They’re eager to connect without having to pay any fees.
Ask ushow you can advertize to this captive market on a free-hotspot.com Wi-Fi wireless Internet connection.

Copia Communications has the connections to get you connected. Get started today on your wireless advertising campaign through Wi-fi. Contact us today to get connected.